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Marian L. Thomas - Women's Fiction Autho



Book Marian Today for Her #1 Motivational Topic: Fighting Through The Caterpillars of Life to Become Something Beautiful: The Ultimate How to Transform Your Mindset and Find the Author Inside You!

Marian is all heart with a side of passion for the art of Motivating 


In 2009, Marian's first book was released. Since then, she has penned over six contemporary fiction books. Her books have been seen on major televisions networks such as OWN, A&E, BET, Fox and more.


Marian enjoys speaking at events. This includes women's conferences, expos, workshops, luncheons, libraries, and colleges. She is also available for literary panel discussions on what's new, changed, or improved in the literary world. Marian speaks with heart, shares her passion for writing, and encourages women to look within to find their beauty despite the caterpillars of life!

Marian's Speaking Topics Include: 


Women's Conference

Marian has written three women's fiction books that feature a butterfly title. These books represent female characters that have gone through what Marian refers to as the caterpillars of life (the downright ugliness of life). Marian's 30 to 45 motivational and engaging speech is designed to strengthen, encourage, and transform your mindset, so you can become the Author inside you. 


So you want to write a book but don't know where to start? This workshop is designed to teach you the vital steps needed to publish a book like a boss. - If you have a group of 6 or more - Book Marian today.


How to turn your well-written book into a stage play. In this 45- minute, motivational discussion, Marian takes you through the steps of turning your book into a successful stage play. 

Questions / Answers

What To Expect

Each workshop or speaking engagement conducted by Marian will always be delivered in a professional, but engaging manner. Your audience will walk away knowing that they have learned something that just might change their life.

Need Something Else?

Marian can tailor a workshop or speech to the needs of your events or conference. She has an arsenal of topics that she can give an engaging discussion on. Please feel free to discuss your speaking needs with her.

How To Schedule

To schedule a speaking engagement with Marian or to inquire about speaking fees, please contact her at info@marianlthomas.com .  You may also contact her publicist (LeAnn Sellers) at leann@blackdiamondfirm.com