Someone Like Me

A New Women's Fiction Book Coming Soon

Set against the backdrop of losing her mother at the tender age of eighteen, Mýa Day is thrust into a life of sleeping on park benches and looking for food in trash cans until she meets thirty-five-year-old Zee, who provides a place to call home; even if that home should be condemned. When Zee pushes Mýa to prove her love for him by doing the unthinkable— rob a store, Mýa loses five years of her life.

Nine years later, twenty-seven-year-old, Mýa meets Michael Davis, a real estate agent who has her doing eighty-miles-per-hour down Love Lane. Mýa is finally ready to turn right on Marriage Lane until her past causes more than a detour.

As Mýa forms endearing relationships that help her define what it means to be a beautiful black woman, she must learn to believe in herself before believing in real love.

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Meet Mýa Day

Mýa Day - Jazz Singer

Mýa Day in the women's fiction book, Someone Like Me, loves to sing Jazz.

Theme in Someone Like Me

Mýa Day loves to cook. Don't miss the chapter where she learns how to make homemade pasta.

Mýa Day gets a new sofa

Don't miss the chapter where Mýa Day finally gets a new sofa!

Love Yourself - A Lesson Mýa Day Must Learn

The theme of women's fiction book, Someone Like You is Love Yourself. How does Mýa Day finally learn this?

Mýa Day at the Park

Don't miss the chapter where Mýa Day and Michael Davis visit the park and dance under the stars

Mýa Day at Jack's Pancake House

In the women's fiction book, Someone Like Me, Mýa Day is a waitress at a Pancake House called, Jack's.

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