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Since her mother’s death, Mýa Day has been no stranger to loss. But with a budding new singing career on the horizon and help from Jack and Mary Tanner, a couple that understands from experience how a troubled past can prevent someone from having a better life, Mýa finally gets a fresh start.


A new romance with Michael Davis, a handsome real estate agent, also has Mýa doing eighty miles per hour down Love Lane. That is, until a painful memory throws up a roadblock and causes the couple’s joyride to come to a screeching halt.


Enter Matt Tanner—Jack’s nephew with magnetic blue eyes and a welcoming smile. He slowly works his way into Mýa’s heart, showing her the kind of love that fits like a perfect pair of blue jeans. But when a tragedy strikes and Michael reappears, Mýa must choose between the men in her life, come to terms with her grief, and seek out an answer to the question that’s been burning in her heart.


Can you love someone like me?

Someone Like Me

Women's Fiction - Coming Soon

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Book Themes

Mýa Day - Jazz Singer

Mýa Day in the women's fiction book, Someone Like Me, loves to sing Jazz.

Theme in Someone Like Me

Mýa Day loves to cook. Don't miss the chapter where she learns how to make homemade pasta.

Mýa Day gets a new sofa

Don't miss the chapter where Mýa Day finally gets a new sofa!

Love Yourself - A Lesson Mýa Day Must Learn

The theme of women's fiction book, Someone Like Me, is Love Yourself. How does Mýa Day finally learn this?

Mýa Day at the Park

Don't miss the chapter where Mýa Day and Michael Davis visit the park and dance under the stars

Mýa Day at Jack's Pancake House

In the women's fiction book, Someone Like Me, Mýa Day is a waitress at a Pancake House called, Jack's.

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