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Marian is available from 

4 pm to 8 pm, Eastern Time.


Marian is available from 4 pm to 8 pm, Eastern Time.


Marian is available from 4 pm to 8 pm, Eastern Time.

Marian is all heart with a side of passion for teaching. 

In 2009, Marian's first book was released. Since then, she has penned over six contemporary fiction books. Her books have been seen on major television networks such as OWN, A&E, BET, Fox, and more.


Marian enjoys helping others reach their dream of becoming a published author. Her book consulting package is designed to provide you with the tools to self-publish your book the right way. If you want the real deal when it comes to publishing a book, this is the type of first-hand knowledge you need! Many websites charge for "extra services" that Marian will teach you how to do yourself for free or for a lot less! Trust that the $599 you will spend to learn the in's and out's of book publishing from Marian, are well worth it! Marian's Four - Week Course is perfect for those looking to understand book publishing and book marketing basics. Each Zoom session lasts One Hour (1) and will be held once a week. If you select a Monday (or another day), then each proceeding session will be on a Monday (or the day you selected) at the same time. Sessions can not go past 1 hr. This is a training course only, Marian will not publish your book for you. You must do the work that she outlines for you to complete. Be prepared for each session and Marian will teach you how to get self-publishing done right!


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Book Publishing Basics - 101

Traditional Book Publishing vs. Self-Publishing 

Print-Publishing vs. Digital Only Publishing 

Getting the Book Right- 201

Book Covers - The Design Process

Book Interior - Understanding the Book Layout Process

Preparing Your Book for Digital Publishing - Kindle/Nook

Going To Market - 301

How to Find a Book Distributor

How to Get an ISBN For Your Book

How to Get an LCCN For Your Book

Book Marketing - 401

How to Build Your Author Platform 

How to Build Your Email List

What to Include In Your Media Kit

How to Design Your Author Website









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